Saturday, January 3, 2009


So, Jeff's old lampshade was gold with black trim... I've never liked it. Over the holidays I received a gift wrapped in some really cool paper. Not that I do this a lot, but I saved it because it matched my bedroom. Then it dawned on me, I could cover Jeff's lampshade!!! So, this is how it turned out. I'm going to try and do mine next so they will match, but I'm not sure if I have enough paper. :(
What I did was lay the shade on the paper and cut it to size. I actually ironed the paper to get the creases out. Make sure there is no water in your iron...something I DIDN'T do. Any ways leave about a 1/2 inch extra paper at the top and bottom of the lamp. Then you just tuck it in and tap with double sided tape. I had some fancy heavy duty scrap booking tape I used. Then WALLAH! You have a new lampshade.