Thursday, July 28, 2011

> 3 ?

Nope, this isn’t a math lesson, it’s just a question. Usually in the decorating world they tell you to have 3 maybe 4 (at the max) colors per room. One needs to be a neutral, the other two accent colors. What do ya’ll think about this rule? I totally understand where they are coming from because you don’t want your room to look super busy. We all want to have a “put together look”. Don’t we? Hummmm…



I am a color person. I love color. Color makes me happy. Color makes me smile (a little repetitive I know). What’s wrong with rainbows and unicorns?

Here is what I think. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. There shouldn’t be stupid rules to follow in your own home! Everyone has their own style. Maybe you LOVE color. Blow it up, it’s your home after all. The bottom line is: you have to live in your house, you need to be comfortable. Your family needs to be comfortable. Does it look best to limit your living room (or other rooms) to 3 or 4 colors? Why yes it does, but does that really matter to you? Why does it matter; because that’s what the experts say? Don’t limit your creativity because HGTV tells you to only have 3 colors in your room!

If you saw my post yesterday about my bookshelves, then you probably know where I’m coming from. I can see blue, green, orange, red, brown, gray, white, and that is not including the book colors! I am an artist. I love to paint. Again, I love color. Most of my paintings are really vibrant and have a TON of colors on them. I don’t think I should paint more paintings with only 3 or 4 colors just so they match my living room.

Think out of the box. I encourage you to REBEL (in the decorating world, that is)!


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Kristen said...

love it! go crazy girl!