Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Pimples to Pendant

What is this you might say, two posts in one day!?! Yea, yea, yeah, I’m getting a little addiction. So, what’s up with the weird title? The other day when I was talking about the front porch I was really wanting to tell ya’ll about the pendant light we had bought for out there. I’ve always wanted a hanging pendant light on my front porch, but the wiring has never been set up to do that in any of my old houses. I’ve always settled for the one attached to the side of the brick or vinyl or whatever. Anyways, one of the things I was really excited about with the house, besides the fact it has a front porch, is that the wiring is already there for a hanging light! I was telling my cousin about this sweet deal we got on a new light for the front porch (more on that later), when she noticed the old one. She said the old fixture looked like it had pimples (hence the title of this post). Okay, so about my deal; Jeff and I decided to stop by a lighting and cabinet wholesale store one day in Gadsden. It is also where I got my kitchen UFO light:

light fixture 001

which to answer your question, yes it does provide lots of light for the whole kitchen. Anyways, I got a steal on this light $18 for a $44 light! BUT I got a better bargain on the pendant light. It is a Thomas Prosperity light which retails for $237, we got it for $32. The company had it for $49 and we asked if they could give us a deal and they knocked $17 off the price. Moral of this story is that it NEVER hurts to ask! Without further adieu here is the before and after:

light fixture 002light fixture 008

light fixture 007light fixture 004

Aren’t the shadows totally amazing? Anyways…

Later Taters!


Kristen said...

Okay first of all: AWESOME DEALS!!! Seriously that is awesome!

Second of all: I LOVE THE LIGHT OUTSIDE!!! That is SO beautiful!!!


Meghan said...

I'm so glad that you are reading my blog! I feel honored, ya know, you being a famous blogger and all! I LOVE deals. I wish I knew how to coupon!