Monday, April 25, 2011

Front Porch and Yard Ideas

So, here is the front of our house during springtime. I really wish I would have taken these pics a few months earlier when the dogwoods (at least I think that is what they are) had gorgeous pink and white flowers! So, as you can see, we have put up a new mailbox. I had beautiful purple tulips planted around the mailbox, but since I don't have a green thumb, they died. :(

I have added some flowers around the front, but the landscape still looks pretty pitiful! Here are some the the flowers I have planted right around the front of the porch.

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I transplanted two rose bushes from our old house. I planted this blue ground covering on both sides of the porch. I also planted two gardenia bushes on the edge of porch. I absolutely can’t wait until the bushes grow big and we can enjoy them while lounging on our porch swing! Speaking of swings, check out the one Jeff promised to build me.


Isn’t it the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen! Boy do I love the South! Speaking of the South and front porches (which if you couldn’t tell, I’m extremely excited to have one) I think I need to go make myself up a big glass of sweet a mason jar, of course!

Okay, back to front porches. I need some suggestions. I know we need to pressure wash the poor thing. As you can see from the picture up top it’s kinda grimy. Besides the cleaning, we have bigger plans for our lovely porch. We have already purchased a large, glass, hanging pendant light. It is beautiful! I will post pics as soon as Jeff installs it. We are also going to keep the original screen door, but replace the old screen with plexi-glass. I’m going to paint it an amazing color…green, plum….need suggestions!?! We will eventually replace the main door with an amazing huge wooden door and keep it the wooden color, no paint for it! Let’s see what is next…Oh, the shutters. Should they stay or should they go? We are eventually going to replace all the windows with bright and shiny new ones. I’m not a fan of shutters, at least not these shutters! And last but not least, the railing. I hate it. I want big white columns. If I am using my brain being realistic I know that that would be a HUGE project, not to mention expensive! Jeff thinks we should blast the old paint off and then repaint it a nice black. It’s just been painted so many times and is really rusted underneath. Maybe I’m being a baby or maybe I’m just a little intimidated by all the work, idk? Comments, inputs, suggestions, all are welcome, as they always are on this blog!

Later Taters!


Kristen said...

I vote for an apple green color for the door. ;) I think apple green is sooo charming.

Kate said...

Shutters, go, unless you get the safari shutters! & I say plum or teal for the door!

Meghan said...

yummy! i originally planned on teal for the door. it would match the inside of our house as well! i'm so totally in love with the color green too! i'll look into safari shutters. these definitely cannot stay! lol