Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smith Westerns

Sometimes it’s good to get away and clear your mind. Heavy matters have been all around us as of late. It feels good to escape for a little while. Jeff and I like to do this by listening to music. Our favorite place to chill is at the Bottletree in Birmingham. It’s a café’, but it also has a stage where bands play just about every night. It’s been a favorite over the years. We haven’t had time to enjoy this form of entertainment since we have moved North, but our new home is closer to Birmingham than the last. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy good tunes more often now. Sometimes you just have to make time.

If you haven’t heard of the Smith Westerns, you should check them out! They formed in 2007. The members of the band are really young, but really talented. They hail from Chicago.

I haven’t perfected the art of taking “concert” pictures, but I really enjoy all the colors from the lights. I try to look at my shots more as art than actually realistic representation. Let me know what you think!

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The highlight of my evening is when Jeff sang (along with the band) “Weekend” to me. Take a listen. Weekend- Smith Westerns.

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