Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Going on This Week

Wow.  I started thinking this morning about what all I have need to do this week and seems like everyday is full.
  • Monday
    1. work 9-3
    2. get home at 4pm and work on paperwork for finally DHR class!  this includes our eco-map, a blueprint of our home for DHR's records (for fires, etc.), letters to parents and child (what do you say?), and all of our strenths and needs worksheets.
    3. class from 6-9pm, hopefully we can squeeze in some dinner before.
    4. get home at 10pm, do some laundry/dishes, go to bed.
  • Tuesday
    1. work 9-3
    2. get cleaned up, do some chores
    3. 6-7pm Practing Pure Religion with Youth Group (we visit the sick and shut-ins).
    4. 7pm-? dinner with some old/new friends who moved into town, we were in the youthgroup with the wife about 11 years ago.  great.  now i feel old.
  • Wednesday
    1. work 9-3
    2. try to run by Children's Consignment sale on way home to pick up crib, blankets, sippy cups, bottles, cloth diapers, maybe a carseat, etc.
      • I have been saving yardsale money (money i've made from past two yardsales) to buy baby stuff.  It started out paying for our infertility treatments/meds about 3 years ago.  I still have enough left for our foster/adopt kids, bec/ a lot of our treatments have been free.  (I'll do a post about that one day too)
    3. work on lesson for Wednesday night bible class (I teach the pre-school class).
    4. 7-8pm Wednesday night Bible Study
  • Thursday
    1. work 9-3
    2. get home at 4pm, pickup Jeff, turn around immediately to go back to Anniston
    3. 5:30-? CPR class (required by DHR)
    4. food?
  • Friday
    1. work 9-3
    2. swing by consignment sale for extra 25% off (maybe)
    3. possible maternity photoshoot
    4. rest?
  • Saturday
    1. 8:30am- 1pm Ladies Day at JCOC
    2. swing by consignment sale for 50% off (maybe)
    3. praying for free time to spend with the hubster
    4. 6-? dinner with friends at their house, BRING meat...their vegan. :)
  • Sunday
    1. worship the ALL MIGHTY CREATOR
    2. take a nap.
    3. pray for a good week, with some rest thrown in there!


Farmer's Wife said...

I can just hear your voice saying "BRING MEAT!" hehehe

Meghan said...

haha, i know. Farmer's Wife...that's cute!