Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I never knew ties could be so purty.

Okay, I can’t stand it any longer. I have to “reveal” our new closet to you! You aren’t going to believe the before & after’s on this one. This is our second biggest project to date; first, being the refinishing of our floors.

So, I thought I was getting a “his and hers” closet, but I got a walk-in! Yippe! I’m so incredibly happy.

Here is the before & after:


This picture was taken of our master closet on the first day we saw our house.

Here is our master closet today:

closet 010

Ta-da! Isn’t it lovely! It is not completely finished. I still have to paint some trim, re-stain and poly the floors, add two more bars, shelving up top and on the sides, add a threshold, finish making my curtains, and then hang them.

I’m in love with this closet. I think we just increased the property value of our home by thousands! Here are some pictures of the process, just for fun.


Sorry this is so blurry, I wasn’t trying very hard. So, here is the closet looking in from the living room into the bedroom. Jeff and Dan are starting to open it up into the master.


Here is a few from the other side, after they starting tearing the wall down in the master. There was also a wall in between the two closets.


This is my best find to date. This storage closet is exactly what I was in visioning for our master closet. Retail price = $360, we got this on sale at Lowes for a whopping $72!!! That’s right I said $72! It comes with three drawers, three bars, and shelves. We purchased a shoe cubby and an extra drawer for $2.78 a piece, retail= $32. I’m soooo happy!

The Kingery's 005

They have now dry-walled, spackled, sanded, and are starting to paint the trim and walls. It’s hard to see the exact color, but it is called Cool Cucumber by Glidden. It' looks amazing next to the dark stain of my closet organizer, thingy. (that is not the new paint color in the above photo on the right, it’s the old).

closet 004closet 014

Jeff’s shoes are in the cubby; I have a shelf for mine that I will put in here later. Notice the ugly floors and the unpainted trim, they will not stay that way forever.

closet 024

And here is the inspiration for my blog title. Isn’t this picture gorgeous! I kept out all the “ugly” ties, hehe. This looks like something you’d see in Banana Republic, or something I’d see in my dreams.

Ahhhhhh…..I’m in love.

I shall leave you with a side by side before and after, so you can get the full effect.

DSC_0037closet 014

Shocking, right?

Stay tuned for the finished product, with curtains and all. Eventually we are going to move the two lower boxes to the very top and add a flat screen t.v. in this baby (early Christmas present maybe?).

Cheers ya’ll!


Rhonda said...

Good Job!! The closet looks beautiful and organized! LOL The title of the post caught my attention because I love ties! I think Cody must have taken over fifty ties with him when he first went to MSOP because every time I saw one I liked I bought it for him!

Meghan said...

thanks! i thought they all looked way prettier curled up then hanging! jeff has a ton too!