Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Have YOU Been?

I’m just kidding, it’s me that has been gone. We have been offline and outta touch since Monday when our living room remodel started. I don’t have a final picture for you, because we are still moving furniture back in and unpacking, but I thought I’d fill you in on the progress.

First, let’s look at the living room on the day we moved in, shall we.


The floors were in bad shape. The room all the way in the back in the left picture used to be a screened in porch. Apparently before we got there it had carpet and then that was ripped up to reveal unfinished wood. We sanded the whole floor as best we could you can read about that here. We then stained it Bombay Mahogany by Cabot and laid down two coats of poly. We have also closed in that closet, you can read about that here. This week we hired a crew to come and patch the cracks in the wall and to texture our ceiling. It was such a big project because they had to hang new sheet rock over the old and then texture. Our living room is really long and it took 14 pieces of sheet rock. Needless to say, we are holding off on other big redo's, until we recuperate, or until our pocketbooks recuperate. ( Do people say pocketbooks anymore? If you don’t know what it is, ask your grandma). After the ceiling was textured we called in a favor to a great friend and neighbor who happens to be a professional painter! Boy did he help us out! We couldn’t have done it without you Dan! Here are some pictures of the progress.

living room 001

The walls after they had been patched.

living room 004

Ceiling with new drywall and texture. It’s called Brocade. This is what it looks like before paint. I almost flipped when they said they were done and it looked like this! hehe Here is what it looked like after two coats of Glidden Antique White (that we got at Wal-Mart for $9 a gallon reg. $23 a gallon).

living room 018

This picture is kinda dark, but you get the idea! We love it!

living room 005living room 006

Jeff priming the walls.

living room 008

Me, adding some color: Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore, mixed in Olympic paint.

living room 012

You can tell how hard and fast I’ve been working. lol

You may remember this hole (only if you’ve heard the story or been in our house). It came from rocking too hard.

bathroom storage 004

Now it only exist in our memories.

living room 014

living room 016living room 017

This picture on the left is probably the most accurate color wise. I thought the color would be more gray, but it actually looks more blue. We still love it! With the antique white ceiling, super white glossy trim, and dark shiny floors it has a strong beach vibe (which isn’t what we were going for, but we’ll take it)!

Here it is with the dirty floor.

living room 019

Obviously these aren’t the finished product, but it might be a few days before you see the whole thing put together (minus normal furniture, our couch is a futon right now).


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