Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Do You Keep Your Cotton Balls

Today, I thought I’d give you another great use for your old blue Mason jars! Thanks to a precious lady, I have received a HUGE blue Mason jar. It has been sitting in my kitchen waiting for the perfect home, and I think I’ve found it.

bathroom storage 009

bathroom storage 010

I stuffed it full of cotton balls for the bathroom. The wicker hat box looking thingy came as a gift with Bath and Body Works supplies in it. Save all those old cute boxes, there are plenty of places to use them in the house. I rolled up washrags in mine. The fake orchid came from a yard sale for a few bucks (I’m planning on replacing it with something real one day). I used a small Ironstone dish to hold my soap; it was free from a yard sale. I put some Epson salt in another old Mason Jar that I purchased at a thrift store. The other basket was also from a gift set I received. I just noticed the gross shaving cream on the bottle. Yuck! Sorry about that. Oh, and the glass/metal cart was a wedding gift from Target. I think they are around $25.

I hope I’ve helped to inspire you to use old things you already have around your house to make your rooms cute and organized!

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