Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cheapest Way to Re-Upholster!

This post is LONG over due! I’m finally catching up with some of the recent projects I’ve been over taking. If you remember back in this post I started refinishing my super old chair my Paw-Paw gave me. I’ve always loved the chair, but it has never matched anything in my house. I want this chair to go in my bedroom, which will be painted light blue/gray. I needed a fun pop of color so this is what I came up with:

projects 006-2

Here is a quick before:

chair makeover 002-2

The texture of the upholstery was a crushed velvet, now it is more like a smooth leather. I love the way the color turned out, but mostly I love the way the detail work turned out with the distressing.

projects 008chair makeover 009-2

So are you wondering how I turned my red baby blue? You can check out my other post and see where lately I’ve been mixing paint with fabric medium, that is exactly what I did here. I’m not a pro at recovering furniture and I just didn’t want to chance it, then I ran across this blog. Pure amazingness! I had NO idea this was possible! What do ya’ll think?

I’ll leave you with one last picture of my beautiful chair. And yes it is permanent, no it won’t crack, and no it won’t come off on your clothes even if you are wet.

Have you ever painted fabric?


projects 010

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