Monday, July 25, 2011


Hopefully, once my house gets back to order I can start sewing more pillows. I’m obsessed with pillows! I’ve always “collected” them. I have been buying vintage fabric and I have great plans for them.

This pillow is one I’ve been working on for months to go in my new living room. It wouldn’t have taken me that long, but other projects have been popping up and taking priority. I felt like I needed a little texture on my couch, besides fabric. That is one thing I’m really going for in the new living room, lots of texture! The pillow is aqua and knitted in 100% cotton. It is super duper soft. It is actually a pillow cover and it is fastened by metallic silver buttons.

Here it is:

thrift finds & pillow 004

By the way, this wooden chair is a garage sale find I picked up in FWB, Florida for $15. I fell in love with the legs on this baby. I normally wouldn’t pay that much for a chair, but if it’s really special I will splurge. It’s future home is around my dining room table.

thrift finds & pillow 005

My auto focus was off on these pictures, sorry for the blur.

thrift finds & pillow 006thrift finds & pillow 007

I thought it would be nice to have extra texture by ribbing the closure. You can make the back the front (button-side), or face it the other way so the smooth side is facing out. It just depends on your preference. I think I’m going to list this pillow cover in my Etsy Shop if anyone is interested. I will take custom orders, so you can choose the colors to match your room!

Floor Pillow

ebay 029

ebay 030

This pillow was made from a silky vintage handkerchief I bought today for 25 cents and an old pillowcase. I had a floor pillow I bought at Old Tyme Pottery years ago; I never used it. I cut the white pillowcase to the size of the scarf/hankie and then put the right sides together and hand-sewed 3 sides. (I chose to hand sew bec/ of the silky material and the fact that my kitchen table is covered with drums, so I have no place for my sewing machine). Then, I flipped the case right side out and stuffed my old pillow inside. Lastly you sew up the open side. Ta-Da! A new floor pillow for our living room. Does anyone else use throw pillows?

bookshelves 009

Keira, I said FLOOR pillow, not DOG pillow! uggghhhh… :D

Placemat Pillows

pillow 002

Crocheted Pillows

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 014-2

I took these pictures last night, so I had to use the flash. The stitching is pretty tight, but in these you can see the wrinkles underneath from the pillow case inside. In real life and light you can’t see. Also, it is really hard to see the ribbing detail. Sorry.

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 015-2

I crocheted this in a ribbed style to make it look more like knitting. If you can’t crochet or knit but still want the look of a knitted pillow I have a big secret for you. Go to goodwill, buy a cashmere sweater or any other sweater with a design you like (cable would be nice), make sure it is good and large, if you want a big pillow. Cut a square (or rectangle) from both sides and then stitch together to make pillow. Please make sure to wash it first!

If you want the pattern for this I chain stitched 32 across then I single crocheted in each stich. Row 2 SC into the back loop only, Row 3 SC in each stitch, repeat till you get the length. For the border I SC around, then two rows of DC, then two rows of SC.

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 016-2

I was being really lazy with this pillow (unlike the knitted one at the top) and just wanted something quick and simple. So, I decided to make the back out of bleached canvas drop cloth. Boy o’ boy do I love some canvas drop cloth. I’m working on a lot more pillows make of it and hope to add them to this page in the near future.

Anyways, I wanted this to be a cover, not an actual pillow. I needed to get my pillow in and out easily. All you have to do is measure the length of your pillow divide by half and then add 3 inches. Now cut your material to the width of you pillow, plus your new length from above. Do this twice. Now you pin your material to your front piece, overlapping the two back pieces you just cut. Sew. The pieces that overlap will be your opening. Is that clear as mud?

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 026-2

Here is what it looks like on my bed. Again, in real life you can’t see the wrinkles of the pillow case inside.

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