Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not My Forté

Before I really get into this post I should explain that I am awful at arranging decorations on shelves, mantels, etc. I have so many odds and ends, once I start putting them out it usually looks cluttered. I need your input, because if my bookshelves (which is what I’m showing you) look crowded, please be a friend and tell me.


bookshelves 012

For those of you interested I’m going to go through all the interesting things on my shelves. If your not into it, you can just exit out of this post because I’m practically done.

We will start on the top of the left bookshelf.

The paintings are abstract art made by yours truly. They were painted in 2003 and are both for sale. The blue and brown pitcher is from Hobby Lobby, as are the orange and red flowers. To the right of that is a fox head Russian crystal decanter. I picked this up at a yard sale for $15 and then looked it up on the web and theses babies sell for $300+. Here’s a close up:

Decor 004-1

Isn’t it gorgeous and regal?

Then on the second shelf we have a picture of my paw-paw Ray when he was in the navy. I love this picture of him (he is so special that he is the only person in a frame on my bookshelves). I believe the frame was on sale at Kohls. Next is an oblong, silver, bread basket I got at a thrift store for $3, inside you will find an old Nikormat camera, a Bell and Howell recorder (from the 50’s), and an old Sun 600 polaroid. I really love the way they look in the silver basket. Then there is a foam craft, lime green owl from 1981. He’s for sale if anyone is interested. Beside the owl is a white glazed pottery bowl my little brother made me for Christmas a few years back.

On the next shelf are two small planters I purchased at Lowes on sale for less than a dollar. Inside them is organic dirt and some moss I dug up out of my front yard. I am using the planters as book ends. I really love how these look and the fact that the project was dirt cheap! hehe

The next shelf has an old fossil we dug up in our front yard when we lived in Greenville, AL. It looks like a fossil of a shell. Other than these things there are just books.

If anyone is interested in the black and white lamp, I purchased it at Old Tyme Pottery a few years back, but it was made by Isaac Mizrahi. I think I paid $10 for it.

Next is the bookshelf on the right:

bookshelves 004

On the top of this bookshelf is another original oil painting by me, also for sale, along with an old telephone box. Here is an close up shot of it:

ebay 001ebay 004

It can be hung on the wall and used as a shelf. It also has a drawer on the inside that I painted blue and distressed. The door closure is magnetized.

The top shelf has a little ceramic birdie I purchased at a thrift store for 50 cents. Beside it is a phone from Kirklands.

Next is a really cool turquoise blue box (more details about it tomorrow) with a S from Hobby Lobby, painted a hammered silver. The shelf under this has a collection of blue vases from random places over the years. The black and white vase/bowl was a present from my little sister.

There you have it. Hopefully they don’t look cluttered or too busy. Feel free to share any ideas!



_ said...

Great job! Looks beautiful!

Meghan said...

thanks! i'm glad you like them!