Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

Wow! Today was insane. By far my hardest day at work. Today I had to place orders for my department. It was CRAZY! I’m so happy to be chillin’ at home. I think I’ll adjust well with all the extra duties, it just takes some getting used to.

We have lived in our new/old home for all of 8 months. I have trimmed our bushes out front at least 3 times. Do you know that all this time I’ve had a hydrangea bush! I’ve been dying to plant one and I’ve had one all along! I’m soooo happy. For some reason it just started blooming. I’m sure I trimmed it too close back in the spring! Whoops!

Take a gander at these beauts!

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 029

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 028

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 032

glass, pillow, hydrangeas 035

Don’t you just adore that blue glass? It’s an old milk of magnesia bottle. Don’t ask me how old. Wonder why our meds today aren’t packaged in pretty things we can reuse? A great friend gave me four of these and I think they look stunning with my white hydrangeas.

My Maw-Maw has always had blue and purple hydrangeas in her yard and I knew that I would want a bush planted at our home someday. Well, I don’t have to wish any longer!


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