Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I’ll admit that this blog has mostly been in the direction of design. Decorating is my hobby. Turning trash to treasure is my hobby (I’ve been pretty consumed with this one lately). BUT photography is ONE of my greatest passions. I wish I had subjects to model for me everyday. I wish I had the gas money to travel the world and photograph everything that touches my heart. Photography is such a wonderful gift. Do you value it? Think about it, which of your memories are the clearest? When I think back over the 26 years I’ve been alive, certain memories stick out; then I find a photograph of that memory or event. If I didn’t have a picture I probably would have forgotten all about it.

I love photojournalism. I love photos that tell a story. Do you really treasure all the mundane, scheduled, random activities of every day? That’s you. That’s your family. That’s your life. I believe it should be captured on film. Why forget about those sleepy moments in bed cuddled up to the one you love? Why forget about little feet jumping on the bed? What about amazing picnics or camping in the backyard? I encourage you to document everything by film.

Speaking of film, it’s not actually film anymore. I’m sure most of you have a digital camera. One of the greatest benefits of digital is that you have all your pictures organized and sorted on your computer. Long gone are the days when you took that 24 exposure to wal-mart to get developed. We don’t have to print out all of our shots anymore, you can actually see them before hand. This saves so much money in developing.

All right I’m done ranting. This post was supposed to be about my lately published shots on a music website. I wanted to share the link with you and some other photographs that I got to take at the Jessica Lea Mayfield concert. Ferraby Lionheart opened for her and he is a wonderful musician from Tennessee, but currently lives in Hollywood. I love that he is true to his roots, one of my favorite songs by him speaks of tea and cornbread. It’s lovely. Look ‘em up people! I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Click here to see article.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the night.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 008

Bottletree décor.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 023

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 027

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 032JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 041

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 050

Whoops, who’s that? Must be the backup singers.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 086

Stunning. Jessica Lea Mayfield.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 068

Did you catch the drummer singing his heart out in the background? That’s why I love this shot. Unexpected.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 099

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 051

This is when she first walked out. I love that she’s smiling to the crowd. Hey, whose head is that in the corner. lol.

JLM and Ferraby Lionheart 119

Hanging out after the show.

So, that’s my two cents for today.


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