Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo?

Ya’ll are probably thinking I have fell off my rocker, right? How nasty is that, not to shampoo your hair? I am a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, scrub, freak. Anytime I see some kind of girly, smell good, stuff on sale I buy it. Lately my hair has been really dry and frizzy. This could be attributed to the hot and humid summer we are having here in North AL or to my genes. Even my stylist noticed a difference in my texture. I knew that shampoo strips your hair of essential oils, but I had been buying sulfate free, paraben free, and every kind of free I could find. I also know that after a while you get build-up on your hair from all the spray, mousse, cream, conditioner, etc. Some shampoos and conditioners actually have wax that coats your hair. How yucky is that!

On pinterest (my new favorite addiction), I saw a pin about cleansing your hair without shampoo. Can you guess what amazing, everyday household ingredient they used?

Did you guess baking soda? The thing that threw me was that you are supposed to condition with Apple Cider Vinegar! Which is another item that has millions of purposes. Of course you water these items considerably and if you have naturally oily, thin hair you only want to use the ACV on your ends. According to the internet you will have amazing, shiny hair like you’ve never had before!

So, I’m going to break from the shampoo and conditioner for a while and try these natural alternatives. Since I have a ton of shampoo and conditioner in my stash I will probably use them every other week, so as not to waste all that dough!

I found an amazing post about it all that I want ya’ll to read. I will keep you all posted on how the process goes. I’m mostly scared of smelling like ACV, so I have decided to make an concoction of tea (you can use lavender, chamomile, or rosemary) and probably coconut oil (which makes curly hair glorious)! This I will spray in my hair after I shower and rub into my scalp, as a leave-in conditioner.

I’m actually super stoked, and I know this will save money in the long run, after we run out of my stash.

Jeff and I both have curly, thick, dry hair, so I can only report on how it reacts to this type of hair. I probably don’t need to wash my hair but every two days, but I kinda feel gross if I don’t, even though it’s not oily. I want my hair to be shiny and healthy, so I’m gonna do what I can.

Anyways check out this link.


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twyliatepeka said...

‎i did this with 1 tbs of bs or acv to 1cup of water. i used an extra tbs or so of bs because it just didn't seem like enough.
if i don't have a good conditioner my hair will look like i just got out of the pool (ewww) but this does not do that to it. my roots don't look as dark either(big big plus) it is so much better than even the expensive shampoos for blonde hair. the acv does not leave my hair smelling like vinegar it just leaves a nice clean amell. this is my new favorite shampoo & conditioner!